Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hey cheekies!

Welcome to my beauty blog! My name is Melanie and like many other girls, I am in love with all things beauty : ) Seriously though I have a sick obsession with it. I can spend all my hard earned money within ten minutes at Sephora and leave without a penny in my pocket. I can spend hours and hours on Youtube watching tutorials on how to perfect the smokey eye look or researching the next best thing for my crazy curly (more like wavy, crinkly and messy) hair. It’s actually pretty sad how much money and time I spend on beauty products however it makes me happy. Make-up can make anyone feel pretty and that’s what I love so much about it.  So, here is where I will give you my personal opinion and outtakes on all the beauty products I can get my hands on. If you are interested, stay tuned!

xoxo Melanie 

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  1. such a pretty picture!! come visit the Glitterati.. we'd love a follow!

    xoxo, Ally